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A Calendar Call to All Briggs & Stratton Racers!

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A Calendar Call to All Briggs & Stratton Racers!

By: Briggs & Stratton Racing

November is the time of the year that we call on the racing community to help us find the best Briggs & Stratton racing photos to highlight in our 2014 calendar.

“Our racing calendar has turned into something more than just a calendar,” stated David Klaus, Director-Briggs & Stratton Racing. “It’s a celebration of what Briggs and Stratton Racing is and that’s about our racers. The world has gone digital, but our printed calendar lets us share our family of racers at shows and events around the world. It’s become a must have by our employees, families, and vendors. Every calendar we put in someone’s hands is an opportunity to bring the sport to another potential racer.”

Are you a Briggs racer? Do you have an action shot from this season that you feel is worthy of a calendar month? We are looking for 12 to 15 best of the best shots that capture the excitement of Briggs and Stratton Racing.

Photographs must be at least 5mg in size. Photo rights must be owned by the individual submitting them. Due to the file size please submit photos one at a time to

All photos must be submitted by December 6th for consideration.

So “hit us with your best shot,” and let’s capture that excitement of Briggs and Stratton Racing!

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