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Winter Karting Is Back at Innisfil Indy!

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Winter Karting Is Back at Innisfil Indy!

The Innisfil Indy will once again host their popular winter karting fun on their track in Innisfil, Ontario.

Six events have been planned for the winter of 2019, providing a unique challenge to racers from all disciplines, and it kicks off this weekend, with race one on December 9.

Drivers can prepare and bring their own karts, or utilize the karts that have been set up by the track. The cost to enter is only $100.00 if you bring your own kart, or $175.00 if you would like to use a kart from the track.

Each event will be its own race, with no championship points in place.

If more than 10 drivers show up for a race, Innisfil Indy will pay out cash prizes to the top-three finishing drivers.

“Come out and have some fun with us and your fellow driver friends,” explained Teresa Launi of the Innisfil Indy. “A reminder that this is only for fun and to maintain and upkeep your driving skills for the upcoming season. No points will be issued.”

Email for more details and kart reservation.

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