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The Decal Zone sponsors the Open Shifter Masters Class!

ASN Canadian Karting Championships

The Decal Zone sponsors the Open Shifter Masters Class!

The tradition continues… The Decal Zone is proud to support the Open Shifter Masters class for the 2017 ASN Canadian National Karting Championships. As a long time supporter of the karting industry along with the ASN Canadian National Karting Championships being a long running series that continues to offer racers the highest level of competition, we wanted to continue our commitment to the racing community by offering our support and to provide quality custom graphic decals for the latest karting bodyworks to all,” stated The Decal Zone co-owner Drago Vincec.

We have a large amount of unique karting designs with new designs being added daily. Ready-made designs are also available online and offer F1 themed, NASCAR replicas and offer replica factory graphic packages to suit every racers dream and for those with tight budgets.

“Our passion for the sport of karting is deep rooted and applied to every individual design we produce,” comments The Decal Zone co-owner Mary Vincec. “No matter the need, we provide you with the best products that can build and maintain your image. Our goal is to boost exposure, build identity, encourage word-of-mouth advertising and build sales.”

The Decal Zone has over 30 years of experience in the graphics industry, and the knowledge and expertise to bring your designs to life. Let us transform your look by providing the most dynamic and unique designs possible.

The Decal Zone designs, prints, manufactures custom kart graphic kits for individual drivers, teams and kart manufacturers worldwide. We can supply you with kart decal kits, race numbers, name decals, visor stickers, gas tanks decals, floor-tray decals, chainguard decals, kart stand decals, MyChron decals, toolbox decals, radiator decals, engine decals, logos, large format banners, track signage, promotional items, display banners and so much more!

Remember, image is everything!

Call or visit us online at today for winning designs!

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