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Rotax Grand Finals – Qualifying Day Updates

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Rotax Grand Finals – Qualifying Day Updates

The intensity has been turned up in Brazil as the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in officially in race mode.

Wednesday features the first sessions where results do matter, with Qualifying and the first set of heat races hitting the track at the Paladino International Circuit.

We’re here to keep you updated with the results of our Canadian and United States drivers, as well as the overall top-5 in each category.

To follow live timing, click here.

CKN RMCGF Daily Debrief – Qualifying Day!

Rotax DD2 Heat C vs D

  1. Xen De Ruwe (SVN)
  2. Arnold Neveling (RSA)
  3. Kacper Bielecki (POL)
  4. Cristian Trolese (ITA)
  5. Taylor Greenfield (USA)

Rotax DD2 Heat A vs B

While our good friend Daniel Formal was able to drive away with the heat win, Davide Greco did a great job avoiding a big crash on the first lap in corner two to slip through into seventh and hold the position to the end of the heat.

  1. Daniel Formal (HRV)
  2. Claudio Pagliarani (ITA
  3. Ryan Wood (NZL)
  4. Ryan Kennedy (AUS)
  5. Mads Thomsen (DNK)

7. Davide Greco (CAN)

Rotax DD2 Masters Heat C vs D

  1. Robert Pesevski (POL)
  2. Antti Ollikainen (FIN)
  3. Fernando Guzzi (BRA)
  4. Antonio Pizzonia (BRA)
  5. Derek Wang (USA)

25. Etienne La Salle (CAN)

Rotax DD2 Masters Heat A vs B

  1. Micheal Stephen (RSA)
  2. Fraser Hart (NZL)
  3. Lucas Souza (BRA)
  4. Christiano Morgatto (RSA)
  5. Patrick Weinstock (DEU)

12. John Bonanno (USA)

13. Luis Schiavo (USA)

Rotax Senior Max Heat C vs D

Tough luck for Coltin McCaughan, who had nowhere to go but into a kart stopped in the middle of the track as everyone scattered, ending his race abruptly. Choquer advanced five spots in a very aggressive heat race by the Seniors.

  1. Mario Novak (POL)
  2. Manaf Hijjawi (JOR)
  3. Mark Kimber (GBR)
  4. Rhys Hunter (GBR)
  5. Benjamin Jurczak (AUS)

8. Mathias Ramirez (USA)

10. Hannah Greenemeier (USA)

24. Bryce Choquer (CAN)

34. DNF – Coltin McCaughan (CAN)

Rotax Senior Max Heat A vs B

  1. Hannes Morin (SWE)
  2. Petr Bezel (CZE)
  3. Jesper Sjoeberg (SWE)
  4. Senna Van Walstijn (NDL)
  5. Mick Nolten (BEL)

Rotax Junior Max Heat C vs D

After getting a great start and running well inside the top-ten, Townes Allen was under attack and began to lose positions before he was eventually pushed off track and into the outside wall of corner 7. He was able to continue, but well down the running order.

  1. Noel Leon (MEX)
  2. Robert De Haan (NDL)
  3. Guilherme Oliveira (PRT)
  4. Olli-Petteri Munne (FIN)
  5. Mads Riis (DNK)

28. Townes Allen (CAN)

33. Justin White (USA)

Rotax Junior Max Heat A vs B

After a 30-minute delay to sort out the grids for Junior, they finally got racing. Nepveu challenged Pope early for the lead before slipping back to third. As he was about to make a move to regain the position, second place bobbled and made contact with Nepveu and fourth place, allowing Nepveu to slip through and take second place. Leung and Mars both progressed forward with great pace.

  1. Jaidan Pope (AUS)
  2. Thomas Nepveu (CAN)
  3. Lewis Gilbert (GBR)
  4. Frost Bay Victor (DNK)
  5. Samuel Harrison (GBR)

8. Luca Mars (USA)

17. Jason Leung (CAN)

Rotax Mini-Max Heat #1

  1. Farin Megger (DEU)
  2. Evan Giltaire (FRA)
  3. Tomass Stolcemanis (LVA)
  4. Iakov Sokolov (RUS)
  5. Augustin Bernier (FRA)

21. Kieran Hartley (CAN)

27. James Egozi (USA)

Rotax Micro Max Heat #1

  1. Mitchell Van Dijk (NLD)
  2. Obst Maksymilian (POL)
  3. Agustin Sepulveda (CHL)
  4. Alexander Skjelton (LVA)
  5. Tom Braeken (BEL)

17. Brent Crews (USA)

Rotax DD2 Qualifying (official)

  1. Ryan Kennedy (AUS)
  2. Claudio Pagliarani (ITA)
  3. Xen De Ruwe (SVN)
  4. Taylor Greenfield (USA)
  5. Daniel Formal (HRV)

22. Davide Greco (CAN)

Overcoming some woes in practice, Davide Greco ranked 23rd in DD2 Qualifying

Rotax DD2 Masters Qualifying (official)

  1. Christiano Morgado (RSA)
  2. Matthew Hamilton (NZL)
  3. Haracio Torres (CHL)
  4. Robert Pesevski (AUT)
  5. Fraser Hart (NZL)

15. Derek Wang (USA)
34. John Bonanno (USA)
49. Luis Schiavo (USA)
55. Etienne La Salle (CAN)

After showing good pace in practice, Etienne La Salle didn’t have the qualifying speed he wanted.

Rotax Senior Max Qualifying (official)

Opposite to the Juniors, the first group of drivers in Senior Max led the way, posting the nine best lap times in Qualifying.

  1. Hannes Morin (SWE)
  2. Petr Bezel (CZE)
  3. Manaf Hijjawi (JOR)
  4. Mario Novak (AUT)
  5. Mick Nolten (BEL)

15. Hannah Greenemeier (USA)
27. Mathias Ramirez (USA)
59. Bryce Choquer (CAN)
67. Coltin McCaughan (CAN)

Bryce Choquer led the Canadian contingent in Senior Max Qualifying, but he won’t be pleased with his result.

Rotax Junior Max Qualifying (official)

The track conditions suited group 2 much better in Junior Max, with the provisional leader from group 1 landing in 19th place overall. A great lap by Thomas Nepveu places him in P5 overall and in group A for the heat races. American Luca Mars was P3 in the first group, but slipped to 25th overall.

Jason Leung was one of many drivers who lost one or more of their fastest laps, as many penalties were accessed for exceeding track limits and/or not obeying the blend lines entering and exiting the track. The drivers were warned, but many did not listen.

  1. Jaidan Pope (AUS)
  2. William Seal (AUS)
  3.  Noel Leon (MEX)
  4. Mads Riis (DNK)
  5. Thomas Nepveu (CAN)

16. Townes Allen (CAN)
22. Luca Mars (USA)
38. Jason Leung (CAN)
55. Justin Whilte (USA)

P5 for Thomas Nepveu in Junior Max Qualifying!

Rotax Mini-Max Qualifying

  1. Iakov Sokolov (RUS)
  2. Evan Giltaire (FRA)
  3. Ryota Horachi (JPN)
  4. Ramon Ramirez (CHL)
  5. Megger Farin (DEU)

20. James Egozi (USA)
21. Kieran Hartley (CAN)

Kieran Hartley has qualified in 21st position (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

Rotax Micro-Max Qualifying

  1. Mitchell Van Dijk (NLD)
  2. Douwe Dedecker (BEL)
  3. Maksymilian Obst (POL)
  4. Sepulveda Agustin (CHL)
  5. Skjelten Alexander (LVA)

10. Brent Crews (USA)

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