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Rhelm Motorsport Qualifies Fastest for 10 Hours of Goodwood

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Rhelm Motorsport Qualifies Fastest for 10 Hours of Goodwood

The first annual 10 Hours of Goodwood endurance race kicked off on Saturday with the break-in, shakedown and Qualifying sessions. It was a cool and cloudy day, and Mother Nature cooperated until the very end, meaning everyone got a chance to hit the track in the new Intrepid Race Line karts and prepare for Sunday’s ultimate test.

After assigning karts and pit spots, each of the 14 teams got one hour of open practice to prepare themselves for Sunday’s race. Procedures were put in place for the teams to understand the rules, especially in the pit lane, and many also determined how long their karts will run on a full tank of gas. A few others pushed the limits too far and tried to complete a light fuel run in Qualifying, only to sputter on track and require a pit stop for a splash and go.

The teams were split into two groups for Qualifying, which determines where in line each kart will start. The first group took to the track and after the fifteen-minute session, Rhelm Motorsport topped the charts thanks to a lap by Rich Hibbs. 360 Motorsports led most of the session but ended up 0.024 seconds slower on the time charts while the CKN Works Team completed the top-three, all of whom are Pro teams. The fastest qualifier in the Semi-Pro category went to Formula Kartways, who were 0.619 seconds off the pace set by Rhelm.

Just as the second group took to the track, some freezing rain began to fall. The track lost all its speed and unfortunately for the second group, their times weren’t even close to group 1. Thankfully, they will have ten hours to make up the difference on Sunday. Energy Corse led the session and ranked sixth overall. Semi-Pro team Bullitt Racing ranked second in the session and will start seventh.

The 10 Hours of Goodwood takes the green flag on Sunday at 9:00 AM sharp with a Le Mans start. Each of the drivers who qualified their team karts today will run the first stint. From there, each team is open to run whichever driver they choose for the remainder of the race. The weather is expected to be unpredictable and for sure that will create a new challenge as everyone will be required to run their slick tires for the entirety of the race.

CKN will have updates all race long, with hourly rankings posted on the site. If you cannot attend the race at Goodwood, be sure to follow on our website.

10 Hours of Goodwood Starting Grid

  1. Rhelm Motorsport (P)
  2. 360 Motorsport (P)
  3. CKN Works Team (P)
  4. Formula Kartways (SP)
  5. Libby Speed (SP)
  6. Legenda Motorsport (SP)
  7. Energy Corse (P)
  8. Bullitt Racing (SP)
  9. Not All Multimatic Employees (SP)
  10. Jim Barass Racing (SP)
  11. R Zombies (SP)
  12. Mary Jane (SP)
  13. Venom Racing Services (P)
  14. The Foragers (SP)

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