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Frankie Esposito Enjoying His Time at Rok Final In Italy

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Frankie Esposito Enjoying His Time at Rok Final In Italy

As the lone Canadian driver in the Mini Rok category this week, we weren’t surprised too when Frankie Esposito told us he was a little intimated when he arrived at South Garda Karting in Italy. He has 150 other drivers to race against this week, and many of them were on track racing last weekend getting up to speed while Esposito was travelling to the event.

After checking out the racing on last Sunday, Esposito’s eyes were wide-open, noticing just how big of an event it will be.

Now three practice days in, he’s gotten up to speed, albeit still searching for more speed in an incredibly competitive Mini Rok category.

When asked about his first impressions of the South Garda Karting circuit, he was quick to point out how different it is compared to the tracks he’s raced at home.

“There is a lot of grip compared the tracks in Canada. It a took a few sessions to get used to as it’s a different driving style, changing the way I enter a corner and exit it as well.”

After completing four rounds of practice on Wednesday, which comprised of a whopping 156 sessions on track, it is easily noticeable how efficient the track staff operate an event, and Esposito took notice right away.

“I’m really impressed with the organization of the event and how good the competition is.”

Finally, we asked him what it was like racing in a category with 150 drivers. Taking a deep breath before he spoke, it was obvious he’s a little out of his element, having never raced in a competition this large.

“At first it was pretty nerve-racking. But once I got on grid and saw how they broke the class up into five groups, it’s a little less intimidating. Now I’m ready for qualifying tomorrow and the first heat races.”

Esposito and the rest of Rok Cup Canada will have one more practice session on Thursday morning before the all-important Qualifying sessions. Thursday will also see the first racing of the week, with a round of heat races set to hit the track.

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