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Enjoyable Two Weeks for AI Motorsports at Goodwood!


Enjoyable Two Weeks for AI Motorsports at Goodwood!

After back-to-back weekends of hard-fought competition at Goodwood Kartways, AI Motorsports exits the facility just north of Toronto with race victories and podium results in a number of categories. Competing in the Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge (CRFKC) as well as the Pfaff Kartsport Cup, Ayden Ingratta was dominant in the Briggs Cadet category, sweeping all three victories, while Stefano Lucente, Callum Baxter, and Aidan Bonham each brought home podium results for the team from Leamington, Ontario.

The lone Ricciardo Kart racing team in the region and the event, they did the brand of the Australian Formula 1 driver proud, especially in the eyes of team manager Dale Bonham.

“I’m very happy with the results of all of our drivers. We have shown speed in every class and just let a few Finals slip away, otherwise, we could have had a few more victories.”

In total, Ingratta was on the podium six times over the two weekends. Three victories in Briggs Cadet and three runner-up finishes in Vortex Mini Rok. His success during the CRFKC weekend earned him the honours of Pfaff Junior Driver of the Day and CKN Summer Tour Driver of the Day.

Also during the CRFKC weekend, Callum Baxter finished third in his first race as a Briggs Junior Lite driver. The reigning Canadian Champion from the Briggs Cadet category wasted no time getting up to speed, also setting the fastest lap time in Qualifying during the Pfaff Kartsport Cup.

Aidan Bonham learned how to lead the field to green the hard way during the CRFKC race day. Starting from the pole position for the first time, Bonham missed his starting lane and while he was able to drive to the race victory, he had it snatched away by the penalty for not starting in his lane, instead, finishing third.

Another AI driver making his first start in a new category was Stefano Lucente and he delivered during the Pfaff Kartsport Cup, finishing second in Briggs Senior Final 1.

In addition to the race team, AI was proud to support a number of top contenders with AI Engines over the last two weekends with impressive results.

After Goodwood, there is only one weekend off before the team is right back into action. AI Motorsports will travel to the Canadian Mini-Indy in Hamilton for round two of the CRFKC on June 3.

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