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Coupe du Montréal to Return in 2016!

Coupe du Montréal to Return in 2016!

Nestled inside the announcement today that SRA Karting was moving some of their offices to the ICAR Circuit, the organizers also confirmed that the Coupe du Montréal, a popular karting series in the 2000’s for those west of Montreal, would be revived.

Simply put, the article read: “Karting would not exist without racing. So 2016 will also see the return of the Coupe de Montréal which will be held at the St-Roch-de-L’Achigan, ICAR and Mont-Tremblant tracks. Details will be available shortly.”

With the fall in numbers at the Coupe du Quebec championship in 2015 and the demise of the SH Racing karting team, who closed their doors at the end of the year, it is great to see SRA step up and keep the wheel moving in Quebec, a region known for developing some of Canada’s best drivers.

More info to come soon!

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