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Coupe de Montreal Postponing Use of Pushback Bumpers at SH

Coupe de Montreal

Coupe de Montreal Postponing Use of Pushback Bumpers at SH

The organizers for the Coupe de Montreal have announced that they will postpone the enforcement of the pushback bumpers at this weekends race at SH Karting. It appears there is a shortage of supply for the pieces in need. With stock on the way, the rule will be reinstated for round two of the series when it visits Saint-Celestin.

Here is the official statement from the series posted on their website.

We were informed that the stocks currently available from kart centres were not sufficient to cover all the drivers who will be competing in the Quebec Championship # 2 / Coupe de Montréal # 1 race this weekend. Orders are in transit but will not arrive in time.

Consequently, the application of the technical regulations relating to this device will be postponed to the second round of the Montreal Cup, which will take place on May 26 in St-Célestin.

In the meantime, we invite all drivers to check with their kart centre to see if their kart model can receive the device as is or if a modification of the kart (and not the device) will be necessary to be ready for the next race. The device itself is very simple and quick to install.

In addition, online registration is open and drivers are reminded that they must register online before the race event on Sunday. To register, please follow this link. All registrations must be paid online and any entries after May 11 at 2:00 PM are subject to a $25.00 late fee.

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