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A ‘Thank You’ from the Special Guests in the Briggs & Stratton Tech Tent at CRFKC Mosport

Dan Pellizzari ensured all of the podium finishers were in compliance with the rules (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)
A ‘Thank You’ from the Special Guests in the Briggs & Stratton Tech Tent at CRFKC Mosport

Many noticed over the past weekend at Mosport Kartways that there were two additional familiar faces managing the tech tent.

David Klaus, the Director of Motorsports for Briggs & Stratton, and Dan Pellizzari, a technical compliance officer that supports Briggs & Stratton Racing, usually make their presence at the annual Canadian Karting Championships, but given the status of CRFKC Briggs & Stratton SummerFest, and knowing how important this weekend was for Briggs & Stratton racers, they travelled from the USA to help ensure the competition was abiding by the Briggs 206 rule set and also to provide support and feedback to Briggs racers throughout the paddock.

The two received a warm welcome and their feedback was appreciated in post-race tech, where they allowed a drivers representative to oversee.

Below is a statement we received from Pellizzari following the weekends racing. A very bright and passionate technical inspector, he had nothing but positivity about the Canadian event as well as our competitors and team representatives.

David Klaus of Briggs & Stratton completing technical inspection (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)


Such a fast-paced weekend that challenged every chassis tuner on the paddock. Pushing up to the grid without wheels on the kart, but two sets on the stand is a tuning nightmare. One would never have known the conditions were less than ideal based on the smiles we saw in the tech tent! Gracious Canadians were the norm when encountering racers in tech throughout the entire weekend. It was a scramble to get as many karts out of the rain. We apologize to any that we couldn’t accommodate.

Race-day tech protocol, in written form, is always detailed in advance of the event so that a clear plan may be followed. Beginning with tech and announcements at the driver’s meeting, then carried out so that consistency and fairness are maintained. Everything from fairings to fuel was checked Saturday, with cylinder heads coming off after the main event for P1 finishers. Ignition timing, piston pop-out, carb tolerances, fuel jets, along with all of the cylinder head tolerances were inspected while both racers and team representatives were present. A few hiccups that needed to be addressed, but the overwhelming majority was all about compliance on this day.

SummerFest Sunday was nonstop! With a Briggs-only field, and huge classes, tech needed to be efficient and fast-paced. A different testing procedure was used Sunday so that the widest possible range of tests could be administered, in the best interests of compliant racing. Specific gravity fuel tests, maximum RPM tests, carb venturi openings, clutch compliance, and numerous other inspections were carried out in each of the three heats. What was appreciated about the race-day format, different drivers under the tent throughout the day, and each were very respectful as David Klaus and myself looked after tests. For the final, it was decided that a 100% test for the majority of top-5 finishers, that was a serious effort! Normally at a National race, a small team conducts the 26-point test procedure to determine adherence to rules. On this day, we did it with two tech officials and a whole bunch of Canadian cooperation.

Always appreciate the warm reception this California resident receives, Canadian hospitality is unmatched in the racing world! A special thanks to Briggs & Stratton’s Director of Motorsports, David Klaus, for taking such an active role in supporting 4-cycle racing. His positive involvement to forward the sport was on full display this weekend. His participation and accessibility are unmatched in the world of karting.

Thanks all for the opportunity to share the weekend with you, looking forward to sharing the venue for the upcoming Canadian Nationals!

Dan Pellizzari

Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge
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